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What Makes America Great - Powerful But Wise
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What Makes America Great - What Makes America Great articles

Powerful But Wise

Powerful but Wise

In the history of the world, there has never been an army as powerful as that of the United States of America. This has never been so dramatically demonstrated as it was when we ended a world war with the dropping of a few bombs over Japan. When those nuclear weapons exploded over Japan, the world gasped and stepped back and realized that America was a serious force to be respected.

After an attack like Hiroshima, any other country might have demanded that all nations of the earth disarm of every possible weapon and enter into a servant relationship with them. And having sole ownership of a bomb that could wipe out millions gave America the chance to do just that.

But that is not what happened. Instead, America used this unbelievable power for good and not evil and to rebuild shattered nations rather than build a new empire to dominate the planet. This is demonstration that Amerce is and was the embodiment of a power that is wielded with wisdom and compassion. After the war with the Axis Powers was ended, instead of occupying our enemies or devastating them so they could never be great again, we went in and helped them rebuild. Americans showed their forgiving and generous nature by putting our enemies back on their feet and changing our bitter enemies into our dearest friends. This is just the kind of people Americans are. We use all of the amazing powers and wealth God has given us to benefit mankind rather than dominate it.

Since World War II, our policy if using our incredible power wisely has defined Americans as a people who do not impose our will on others but do all we can to help and encourage others to live better lives. For every time we used our incredible military to conduct a battle, step in and stop a grave injustice to enter a war to liberate the downtrodden, there are dozens more incidents where we used that same military to help out in times of crisis.

It is not uncommon at all to see our president deploy our mighty armies to an area of the world divested by flood, famine, earthquake or some other horrible disaster and set up relief stations to get food to starving people and help refugees find ways to rebuild their shattered lives. Around the world our soldiers are known just as much for the humanitarian work they do as they are for their military might.

This generous spirit extends even to the civilian base back at home when supporting our troops wherever they go to face dangers to preserve America’s freedoms. Whenever our brave soldiers are in harms way, the American people respond with an outpouring of support, care packages, letters and many other methods of letting our boys know they are loved and respected for what they do. But beyond that, we send tons and tons of relief supplies to our military to distribute to the moms and dads and children of families in the countries where we fight so they can take care of their families just like we try to do here at home.

It is the kindness, the generosity and the compassion of Americans that is just as evident in how we use our powerful military to step in and help around the world when the need dictates that we should do so. Sometimes it is interpreted as weakness when we show our human side that works side by side with a military that is the mightiest of all time. But our enemies know that America is a country that can bring a virtually unstoppable military power to bear on those who would dare to try to hurt us or try to take our freedoms.

But we will also use that mighty power of our military with wisdom, with judgment and with compassion to be sure that we are using it at all times for the good of our people and of the people who live in war torn areas of the world. Americans think of themselves as powerful but compassionate and that is reflected in a military power that is the envy of the world.

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